Wondering if mobile apps are here to stay or just a passing fad? These stats will leave you in no doubt.

1. Mobile devices are everywhere

1 in 5 people across the world own a smartphone
In Australia, the figure is close to 80% of the total population

2. App Usage Is Increasing

The amount of time people spend using Apps has increased by 21% since last year

3. Increasing Numbers Of People Buy Through An App

74% of smartphone users turn to their phone to help with shopping and it gets even better.
42% of all mobile sales by the top 500 merchants came from mobile apps.
Mobile coupons are 10x more likely to be redeemed than printed coupons.

These numbers are increasing!

4. People Would Rather Use An App Than A Website

85% of people prefer mobile apps to websites and mobile app usage is now higher than desktop usage.

5. Time On Mobile Is Increasing

Adults spend on average nearly 3 hours a day using mobile devices.

The evidence is clear.

Consumers prefer mobile, prefer apps to websites and usage is going nowhere but up. Take a look at 5 key ways mobile apps help your business, arrange an obligation free demonstration or download our App Success Quick Start Guide for your business.