8 Mobile Apps Stats For 2015 Reveal All!

8 Mobile Apps Stats For 2015 Reveal All

Wondering if mobile apps are here to stay or just a passing fad? These stats will leave you in no doubt. 1. Mobile devices are everywhere 1 in 5 people across the world own a smartphone In Australia, the figure is close to 80% of the total population 2. App Usage Is Increasing The amount…

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5 Key Ways Mobile Apps Help Your Business

How Mobile Apps Help Your Business

In this post, we look at 5 key ways a mobile app can help your business. 1. Communicate Instantly With People Who Are Interested In What You Do Whether it’s existing customers or hot prospects, only people who are genuinely interested in your business will download your app. Keep interest high by sending out push…

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Millions Of Free Images You Can Use Commercially

Hey there, this one’s just a quickie. If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for images you can use digitally. Well, I finally got fed up looking around all of the time and created a fully blown resource for this… Rich Lawson’s Big Book Of Free Images There’s all the sites I…

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How To Check If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly For The Google Update

In my recent post I highlighted the impending Google update, which will effectively penalise sites that aren’t mobile responsive. It’s a straightforward process to check if Google thinks your site is mobile friendly. There are 2 ways to do this: Go to Google on your smart phone. Open up the internet and search for your company…

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MAJOR Google Update – This Could Seriously Affect Your Business Revenue

Major Google Update Mobile Search Results

Google has announced a major update to their search algorithm which could seriously affect thousands of small business owners across Australia. It could mean as much as a 60% or more drop in website visitors for these businesses! Watch the short video below to learn more about the update, who it will affect and how…

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