Simple right?

People use their phones to do more every day. It’s all about convenience for the user. No having to hunt down a website. Just tap an icon and call, make an online booking, check opening times, request an appointment, buy from a store and so on….

By the end of 2014 close to 80% of the total population will own a smart phone!

All those people using apps! It makes sense to use a mobile app for your business.


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Sounds weird right?

This may sound weird but it protects you against thousands of dollars in wasted time and money.

You are getting your prospects and clients onto a platform you control.

You decide when messages are sent. You decide who receives them. You make the rules.

Why this is crucial...(a quick example)

Lots of business owners have been actively building their Facebook business page. These businesses spent thousands of advertising dollars with Facebook to get people to ‘like’ their business page. Once you 'acquired' a 'like', you could post to Facebook and your audience would see your posts.

Uh oh... big problem...

With Facebook’s growth, it became impossible for Facebook to show users every post from every business they’ve ever ‘liked’ and all of their friends posts. Recently, Facebook has decided that only about 1-2% of your business page audience will see an individual post.

The business owners who spent money advertising on Facebook are now feeling very hard done by. Facebook is now charging them even more money to show their posts to the audience they’ve already paid for!

Ultimately, these business owners built their business on a platform they didn’t control. Don’t make the same mistake!

Powerful communications with a multitude of applications are at the heart of every business mobile App we build.

Mobile App Communications Technology:

At the heart of every one of our Apps is a powerful push notification system. Messages can be sent by time (i.e. you could choose to send to all users at a specific date and time), by location (i.e. a user enters a specific area and then receives a message) or a combination of the two (i.e. a user is inside a specific area at the time you send the message.)

When a user touches the notification, they can be taken to a specific place inside your App, any web page (including a Facebook post) or the screen can be filled with what is easily described as an electronic brochure.

This allows you as a business owner to be as creative as you wish with your communications.

Mobile App Communications Power

Imagine for a moment all previous clients and all previous website visitors had downloaded your business App. Wouldn’t it be easy to generate revenue from the messaging?

It’s effectively free advertising to people you already know are interested in your products or services and means you can reduce other advertising costs.

Check out these examples:

If a restaurant is only half booked on a Tuesday night, they can send a message offering a special deal for tonight only.

A Real Estate company might map an area around an open home. If someone enters the area during open house times, a message is sent which can be touched for instant directions.

A beauty salon might announce the launch of a new service and invite bookings via the App.

There’s obviously thousands of ways to use the messaging and when you invest in a mobile App from Apps Together, not only do we provide you with video training, you can also speak with us and we will help you determine the best types of messaging to send out for your specific business.

For your customers it's all about convenience and simplicity.

No matter your business type, your customers will enjoy an enriched mobile experience.

It saves them time and is easier for them to use when compared with having to visit a website. Especially if your website isn’t mobile optimized.

Other customer benefits are based on the exact functionality inside your App, which largely depends on the type of business you own.

All of the functionality we will place in your App, is designed to improve your customers experience by making things more convenient for them. Whether it’s an online booking form, an electronic coffee loyalty card, an online store or any other of our many functions.

I wanted to thank you for all of your help with this, you have been such a pleasure to work with and we are very happy with the finished product!

Greg Merrick, [Accountants]

Thanks so much for this. I really appreciate that you have been keen to get this finalised for us!

Daniel Gibbs, [Podiatrist]

Good to go!!!!

Brennan Smith, [Pet Store]

Thanks Bazz, that's brilliant!

Steven O'Connell, [Physio]

That’s great..Thanks so very much!

Di Watson, [Hotel]

We're more than happy with App you have created for Mulgoa Valley Reception...

Cameron, [Wedding Venue]

We love the App. It’s really wonderful!

Ryan, [Youth Centre]

Thanks for preview of the App. It looks great!

Gordon Daley, [Childcare]

I have been so impressed with my App, I stood up and presented it to the whole of the Go Vita franchise owners at our national conference!

Lloyd, [Health Food Store]

Being a small one person business makes it difficult to take advantage of the latest marketing trends. My App has saved me time and increased my sales and my customers are delighted to use it!

Melissa, [Mobile Hairdresser]

Thank you soooo much the app looks amazing!
Just one small change. I will send a design "Algologie" Logo to add to my scrolling home screen. Other than that it's perfect!

Sharee Sterzl, [Nail & Beauty]

When you order from Apps Together you're in good hands!

You'll receive a top quality product, with the support and extras you need to see a return on your investment in as short a time as possible.

Here's what's included when you order a mobile app for your business...

  • Every Platform

    You’ll receive native mobile business Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones & Android Tablets. You’ll also receive an HTML5 version for Windows and Blackberry users. No matter which device your customers are on, we’ve got you covered!

  • Website Script

    Maximise your advertising spend and easily convert your web traffic into mobile App installs, with a custom designed website script for your site. We’ll even install it for you on your site.

  • Single QR Code System

    You receive a single QR code to use anywhere you want – business cards, adverts and so on. Once scanned, your customers will be taken to the correct App store for their device.

  • Professionally Designed In House Poster

    Our graphic design team provides you with a professionally designed poster to display in your premises, to encourage App downloads. This utilises the single QR code system mentioned above.

  • Lifetime Free Updates

    You’ll stay up to date with the latest additions with our lifetime free updates service, included with every purchase! We’ve brought out over 100  updates in the last 12 months and we don’t, and never will, charge you for them! Peace of mind for you – happy clients for us!

  • Private Training Area

    You’ll get the very best in training as an Apps Together client. You’ll have unrestricted access to our private training and support area. Full video training on how to use your App, how to market your company effectively via the App, as well as the latest techniques and advice on other aspects of digital marketing.

  • Updates Newsletter

    As an Apps Together client you’ll receive our easy to digest ‘Tips & Tricks’ newsletter that will help guide you through it all in bite size chunks!

  • Awesome Customer Support

    You’ll receive first class customer support. As well as the video training, you can access phone and email support. If you’re still struggling after that we’ll set up a screen share with you and show you live! It doesn’t get much better than this!

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